Aug. 19th, 2009 12:10 am
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I'm still playing catchup on some of the other recipes I wanted to post.

Today I was very crashy for much of the day, and it was too hot to cook what I wanted to cook anyhow. So I started cooking bizarrely late, but I really like how it all came out. Now I am exhausted but not sleepy so I thought I'd jot it down.

1) Roasted chioggia beets with fennel, onion, and fresh rosemary. (Just a little coconut oil spray in the pan, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Added the pepper after it came out.) The key here was the fresh rosemary; I actually pulled the stems out after roasting it, but then realized that the crumbly leaves were delicious little flavor bombs and the texture wasn't bad because they hadn't gotten tough or sharp, so put the leaves back in. Chioggia beets lose some of their drama from the white and bright pink bulls eyes when roasted, but they get delightfully sweet.

2) Three cloves of elephant garlic that I had leftover. Simply roasted; I spread this on crackers later and ate it with the roasted tomato sauce, like bruschetta. I haven't roasted elephant garlic before and I think the roasting helps with some of the slightly odd vegetal aftertaste of it. I like it that way and raw, but not as well cooked other ways.

3) Italian black paste tomatoes, halved, placed in a pan with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, then crushed garlic (I used the Korean hot garlic), then overtopped with several handfuls of shredded basil. After these were done roasting into a reduced and somewhat caramelized mess I ran them through a food processor. (Actually the mini one that goes with my stick blender, which is a lot easier to use and clean than the big one, which I may be getting rid of since I hate using it.)

4) Soup made from a bunch of dandelion greens, two Japanese sweet potatoes, an onion, and the leftover basil (a quarter to a third of the bunch). I wanted to add some thyme to complement the basil but we were totally out so I used herbes de provence instead; possibly a kind of weird choice but I'll know tomorrow after it's had time for the flavors to meld. This is likely too bitter for Brad but I like bitter greens a lot so I'll eat it up and freeze some for later. This might even make a decent cold soup. I ran the stick blender over it for a coarse puree.

We also still have some of the lamb and bean stew (which came out really well; I'm really grooving on the bean + meat + slow cooking thing), and a whole bunch of dal, which I snuck some Mayan squash into. So I've got a pretty good track record on cooking so far this week!
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