May. 9th, 2009

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I've removed a few people from my reading page because they post through to LiveJournal. Until they get reading filters up and running on dreamwidth I'll continue using that method. I'll continue posting everything through to LiveJournal myself, so you don't miss anything by not reading me on Dreamwidth. While I may end up doing a global import, for now I'm only posting Dreamwidth-specific and recipe posts there. I'm not reading there as frequently yet, but there's a nice food community which is incentive to read more often.

So far my impressions are generally positive. I think they really do have their heart in the right place, and it feels like old school LiveJournal. My only two quibbles are the erroneous use of the .org TLD (though I guess as the non-business owner of a .com domain I have no legs to stand on) and the lack of ongoing sale of seed accounts. They still seem worth supporting, if only as an alternative as LiveJournal goes off and becomes its own thing, and I very much hope they succeed. That's not incompatible with hoping that LiveJournal doesn't degrade; I want them to last as well. But as a host that specifically welcomes diversity, which LJ has a poor track record on, Dreamwidth is a very good thing.


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